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So what's the big deal about coaching, and why do companies as well as individuals spend the time and money on coaching? They do it because it works! They know that a coach assists a client in clearly identifying their current and future being, helps the client where he or she wants to go, defines the goals that they want to achieve, and systematically sorts them out numerically, which is where the process begins. In essence, coaching provides a customized approach to personal development and goal attainment. Remember, we are not in charge, you are. All coaching engagements are specifically designed for and by the client and coached based on the needs and objectives of the client. We simply assist you in the journey. Coaching is focused action! Again, the objective is to move the client forward, toward the identified goals, and supporting that person in utilizing their individual strengths, knowledge, skills and abilities. Also, developing plans and taking action in becoming self-sufficient are the prime objectives, "Motivating lives in the direction of success, one at a time."

From time to time we're asked the question, what's the difference of coaching from counseling or therapy? Coaching can be distinguished from counseling and many other professional relationships in that coaching is based on partnership. Counselors, doctors, and consultants have expert knowledge that they impart in the form of a diagnosis, or providing a solution. Counseling refers to giving advice which coaches rarely do. Counseling implies a "one-up" relationship where the counselor is the expert, whereas the coach is neither expert nor authority; rather, the client is the expert about his or her life.

Therapy is for those seeking relief from emotional or psychological pain. Coaching ethics and guidelines mandate that if a client is seeking relief from emotional or psychological pain they must be referred to a therapist. Coaching is often used concurrently with therapy but should not be considered a substitute for therapy. That simply means that coaches can be more objective, impartial and unbiased. We meet you where you are.

Consider having a trusted person working with you who you can say anything to, without the fear of it going beyond the two of you. This is the coach/client relationship. It is like very few relationships in our personal or professional lives and has the ability to provide ground breaking changes in an accelerated manner. If you were to undergo heart surgery, who would you want to perform it? Someone that only read about how the procedure should be done, a doctor that graduated from medical school a month ago, or a doctor that not only has 8 years of experience performing the procedure but has also had the procedure performed on him? I believe that the answer to that question is obvious!

Pleroo Circle is interested only in "Motivating lives in the direction of success, one at a time."

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