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About Us

James Young, Certified Recovery CoachJames Young, Executive Director and Senior Recovery/ Life Coach of Pleroo Circle LLC., heads a staff of experienced, professional, certified recovery/life coaches, who can help you in your transition from uncertainty or rehabilitation to a stable, sober, self-reliant, healthy lifestyle.

I've been in long-term recovery for over 8 years, and I still remember the feelings and the difficulties that I was faced with, most of them having nothing to do with addiction. You see, I had burned every bridge that I had crossed, hurt everyone that loved me, was unemployable and there was nowhere to turn. I now was standing at a crossroad and somehow had to learn to "live on life's terms". I didn't know what life's terms were or anyone that could or would teach them to me. Over time, feeling depressed and alone, I found that my sponsor couldn't and the therapist wouldn't design a plan for what I wanted in life. I realized that working hard on becoming a better person, being of service to others and not accepting "no" as an answer while keeping my eye on the prize, I someday would accomplish my dream. And I did!

Pleroo Circle Coaching Service is designed to support people that are wanting to achieve success in every aspect of their lives, spiritually, emotionally, financially and professionally. We are held to the highest degree of confidentiality determined by law. We understand that the coaching profession requires that each of us be worthy of trust, therefore we will not misrepresent our education or experience nor will we offer our opinions as fact or engage in any subterfuge, or intentional misrepresentation. Our purpose and goal here is to assist in "Motivating lives in the direction of success, one at a time." Each of our coaches are certified, seasoned professionals that have been where you are and will always have your best interest as their priority.

James Young & Mayor Betsy Hodges
James Young & Mayor Betsy Hodges

Pleroo supports people in exploring effective ways in addressing their own personal needs for self-worth/esteem, personal goal-setting and awareness, career growth, financial guidance, spirituality, and resources on a one-on-one basis, but in a systemic way.

We pride ourselves in complete anonymity, but will also work with you if need assistance with criminal justice or legal issues. We also have a program that serves a client base that is seeking help in areas of their lives that need to be kept confidential.

We have several programs and formats to choose from, and will meet with you where ever you are comfortable in addressing life-changing decisions; in a coffee shop, your office, my office or home. Also, due to our level of recognition nationally, we have a program which involves communicating via Internet. Our client base is not geographically restricted; we have a global clientele.

Contact us at Pleroo to begin the best-planned journey that you will ever embark on!

At Pleroo, only experienced Certified Coaches are employed. Each one of us brings to the table a level of expertise and life experience that is next to none. Each client is assigned to a Coach that has the highest level of knowledge in addressing the specific areas that we will be guiding and supporting you through. Our objective is to work with you until you have reached the level of success that you have dreamed of, and beyond! Just remember that the beginning of all journeys is started by taking the first step. In advance, thank-you for allowing Pleroo in working with you and being a part of your celebraion of a new, fulfilling life!

Coaching Works!

  • Most successful people have coaches, and that group not only includes sports figures, but also people like you, managers of small and large corporations, and CEOs.
  • I'm giving back a gift that was given to me! I found it very difficult making positive changes in my life by doing it myself. I needed support, someone to believe in me as much, and at times, more than I believed in myself.
  • I assist clients in organizational skills, addictions, relationships, gambling, weight issues, careers, stress, financial issues, communication skills, spirituality, and life in general.
  • I continue to take psychology and other courses related to the Human Services/Coaching profession. Most recently, I have received a second certification as a Recovery Coach in July 2014.
  • My 40+ years of dealing with people in all walks of life, on all levels, from Senators to the guy that has lost it all has given me an ability to diversely connect and relate to most people. Compassion and support are key to a person's success.
  • Also, we have modified methods in learning how to reach people in teaching realization of issues, their part and power, and of course their ability to solve the problem.

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Pleroo Circle offers addiction recovery coaching services in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota area.