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Recovery/Life Coaching

Pleroo Circle in Minneapolis, MN, offers recovery and life coaching services for people restarting or fortifying their lives after treatment, for those seeking long-term sobriety, or for people that are ready to gain more successful lives. However we are not limited to being of service to those that live in the metropolitan Minneapolis/St. Paul area, we also have clients in other areas of the US. We utilize the Internet and phone as means in reaching out to you. Recovery/life coaches support the client in achieving and maintaining a solid foundation, and building their lives solidly in pursuing other life goals successfully.

In using concepts closely related to life and business coaching, recovery coaches use a partnership model where our client is the expert of his or her life, and you are the one who decides what is worth working on, and the coach assist in providing expertise in supporting a successful change. Recovery/life coaching focuses on all goals that are important to the client - not just or only recovery-related goals. Our coaches ask questions and offer suggestions in helping the client understand and decide what steps to take. We assist in creating a clear plan of action on the path of reaching healthy future goals. Coaches provide accountability in helping the client stay on track. Start your journey with us today by calling 612-750-9520.

The Principles of Recovery/Life Coaching

  • Recovery Coaches use strengths-based approaches. We assist our clients in utilizing their hidden values, and assets as we coach them to success.
  • Recovery Coaches are assured that clients who are able to identify and stay focused on their life goals and values have a much higher chance in achieving and maintaining a life of happiness and fulfillment.
  • Recovery Coaches assist in this journey to success. We promote and encourage our clients in developing a lifestyle that is both healthy and balanced.

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We believe that our clients are creative and resourceful. We do not endorse any particular way of achieving or maintaining a healthy and meaningful lifestyle, and that is where our focus is. We meet you where you are and assist you in your development from that point on. Through that process, clients are able to increase their learning, improve their performance, and better their quality of life.

During each meeting, the client determines what is being focused on while the coach listens but contributes by asking questions and sharing observations. This type of conversation helps the client in developing clarity and moves him or her in the direction of beginning to take positive action. The style of this interaction accelerates progress, enhances awareness and creates a sense of responsibility. It has been proven that the results of this process is in the hands of the client based on the client's intentions, choices, actions and how hard they are willing to work on themselves.

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